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Octet Red384 System


MFR#: 30-5101

Octet® RED384 system for high throughput biomolecular detection using label-free, real-time

Price: $398,722.46 (1/EA)

High Throughput Platform for Biologics Development

From IgG titer to epitope binning, the Octet RED384 system offers label-free molecular interaction analysis with state-of-the-art high throughput platforms that facilitate the rapid characterization and development of biologics drug molecules.

The high detection sensitivity and throughput of the Octet RED384 system have also made it a favorite for small molecule library screening and analysis of large cross-competition binding matrices. Target ligands can be batch immobilized onto biosensors and returned to the biosensor tray for re-use in future experiments, thus extending the number of uses for each biosensor, preserving valuable ligand, and maximizing flexibility in experimental design.

  • Analyze up to 16 samples simultaneously
  • Streamline workflows with automation - Automation ready and robot compatible for microplate and biosensor tray loading.
  • GxP packages available - Available as complete packages with 21 CFR Part 11 software and IQOQPQ kits, protocols and services for regulatory compliance.