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ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound

ITEM#: 3266-11290017PKG

MFR#: 11290017PKG

ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound with BioAcoustic technology

Custom Configuration available. Example Includes: (11290017) SEQUOIA, BASE CONFIGURATION (11290064) SEQUOIA, KEYBOARD, ENG, (11290018) CORDSET, NORTH AMERICA, (11290154) SEQUOIA, LABEL, USA, (11290080) SEQUOIA, ESIEPREP SRS PRECONFIG, (11290102) SEQUOIA, TRANSDUCER, 5C1, CP, (11290101) SEQUOIA, TRANSDUCER, 18L6, CP, (11290099) SEQUOIA, TRANSDUCER, 10L4, CP, (11290105) SEQUOIA, TRANSDUCER, 9EC4, CP, (11290306) SEQUOIA, BASE SYSTEM A, (11290517) SEQUOIA, STORAGE SHELF, (11509297) SEQUOIA, VA25, SOFTWARE, (11509267) SEQUOIA, VA25 OPER SYS, ENG, (USD_INITIAL_16) Initial onsite training 16 hrs-FMV $4100,(US_PRELEARN) Ultrasound System Pre-Learning, (SY_PR_TEAMPLAY) teamplay Welcome & Registration Package, (US_SEQ_BIOMD) Sequoia System Biomed Class